Spin Master Bunchems! Review

Posted on December 06, 2015 by Kim Bagley | 0 comments

Spin Master Bunchems! Review

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Bunchems! is a creative play toy that the artist in your home wiill love.  The colorful little balls easily stick together to make whimsical sculptures.  Once you are done with one you can take it apart and start all over again, for endless creative fun.

Features of the Spin Master Bunchems!

  • Instruction guide included
  • Ages 4 and up
  • Mega Pack including over 400 pieces
  • 370 Bunchems and 37 accessories
  • No batteries required

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How Much Does It Cost?

This is currently priced at $31.98 with Prime Shipping.

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How Many Stars Do We Give the Spin Master Bunchems!?

We give this product a 3.5 star review.  Children will undoubtedly love the fun colors and creative possibilities.  However as a parent, this toy has 400 small pieces that come with warning of not only choking hazards, but also that they can easily become entangled in your child's hair.  These warnings, along with the mess factor may steer many away from this fun looking toy.  These obstacles may be overcome, but will definitely be worth considering before buying this product.


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