Hello Barbie Doll Review

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Hello Barbie Doll Review

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Most children love talking with their toys, now Barbie has designed a doll that will talk back!  Barbie does not feature the push button with 3 sayings the way most talking toys do, no she is programmed to respond to your child!  The more your child talks to her, the more conversational Barbie will become.

Features of the Hello Barbie Doll

  • 3.4 x 13 x 10 inches
  • For ages 6 - 15
  • 1 non-standard battery required (included)
  • Barbie doll that chats and talks back
  • Uses WiFi to access more than 8,000 lines of recorded chat
  • US product only

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How Much Does It Cost?

Currently the lowest listed price for the Hello Barbie Doll is $68.99

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How Many Stars Do We Give the Hello Barbie Doll?

We give Hello Barbie Doll a 3 star review.  From a child's perspective it is great to have your favorite toy talk to you.  But from a parents perspective it is a bit worrisome that it records your child's conversation and who might try to access that.  Also with most technology toys there can also be glitches that are frustrating to deal with when your child just wants to play.



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