Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Review

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Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Review


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Cleverkeet from Little Live Pets is your chance to own your very own talking, chatting, singing and dancing Parakeet, without any of the hassle of owning a real bird! In many ways, Cleverkeet is better than a real bird. You get to choose his name, which he learns instantly, and then you get to teach him to talk! Cleverkeet loves listening and repeating what you say, but sometimes he gets some words a little jumbled up! Cleverkeet loves to dance to music, and he will even answer your questions, if you ask nicely! And if you’re really good, Cleverkeet will even tell you how cool he thinks you are! Adopt a Cleverkeet today!


Features of the Little Live Pets Cleverkeet


  • Ages 5 – 15 years
  • 2 AAA batteries required (included)
  • 6 x 8 x 11.4 inches
  • Dancing, singing and chatting functionality
  • Includes perch, swing, cart & food bowl


Is the Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Worth Buying?


Little Live Pets have a fantastic reputation for their toy pet ranges, and it’s not difficult to see why when you consider Cleverkeet. Quite aside from the various props, stands and accessories, the real beauty of Cleverkeet is in the bird itself. When Cleverkeet repeats back to children what they say to him, he does so in his own bird-like voice. He even answers questions in his own voice, and recognises his own name. This kind of interactivity is magical to young children.


While much of the time, Cleverkeet will be played with on his own, there is good value in some of his props and accessories. Cleverkeet will bend down to eat from his bowl, and loves to stand on his perch chirping away. When on his mirror perch, Cleverkeet dances to music, and he will even dance to music that you play for him. On his swing, Cleverkeet gets overexcited and can get his words mixed up, which is a fun treat with young children.


There really isn’t much not to love here with Cleverkeet. You could argue that younger children may struggle to manipulate Cleverkeet onto his various stands, but the toy is recommended for ages 5 and up, so it’s not fair to criticize one aspect of it for being difficult for 3 year olds! It’s hard to imagine how much better Cleverkeet could be, without spending substantial sums of money.  Cleverkeet represents a tremendous value for your money, and is a delightful little toy that will be cherished by many children.


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