TOMY Jumbo Jamboree Review

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TOMY Jumbo Jamboree Review

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The TOMY Jumbo Jamboree is a brilliantly designed fun and playful toy that your toddler will love! Push the Jumbo Jamboree along to hear him play his five different musical instruments as a one-man elephant band, or separate the pieces and play with each musical instrument separately! The Jumbo Jamboree has a saxophone for a nose, jingle bells for ears and a body made up of a xylophone, a harmonica and a drum! Easy to separate and colour coded for simple reassembly for your child, the TOMY Jumbo Jamboree is sure to entertain your young kids for hours on end!


Features of the TOMY Jumbo Jamboree


  • 7 x 6.7 x 11.8 inches
  • Ages 12 – 18 months
  • No batteries required
  • 5 different musical instruments
  • Easily separated and put back together


Is the TOMY Jumbo Jamboree Worth Buying?


If your child is interested in musical toys, then he or she will absolutely adore the Jumbo Jamboree. When it says one-man band, it really means it! The design is very well thought out, and when pushed along the elephant’s trunk wiggles and its tail beats the drum. The Jumbo Jamboree can make quite the racket, so don’t expect this to allow for much quiet playtime – quite the opposite! The pieces are relatively easy to separate so children can quickly learn how to break the elephant down into its parts and put it back together.


As for the individual musical instruments, there’s a nice range to keep children occupied. The trunk saxophone is more like a horn, and one of the more challenging instruments for young children to make a noise from. On the other hand, the jingle bell ears and drum are instantly usable for even very young children. The harmonica makes a lovely loud pitch, although it is slightly monotone, while the xylophone is a real delight. The pleasing thing about the range of instruments is that they cater to children of all abilities.


If there is one frustration in the TOMY Jumbo Jamboree, it is in the packaging. Many children take great joy from opening a new toy and taking it out of the package, but that won’t be an option here. Parents should have scissors on hand to ensure they can free the Jumbo Jamboree from its prison like packaging! It is, thankfully, a minor frustration in an otherwise excellent musical toy. And as with any good musical toy, there is far more chance of the parents getting tired of it before the children!


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