Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack Review

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Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack Review


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Oh no! The evil Kaos is at it again, and Skylands is in big trouble! If Kaos isn’t stopped, he’s going to use his Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction to destroy everything! Is there anything that we can do? As a last attempt at stopping him, Skylands has put together a special team of SuperChargers, but they’re going to need your help! Can you join them in races and battles over land, sea and through the sky to pilot the new SuperCharger vehicles and stop the evil Kaos from destroying Skylands forever? We’re all counting on you!


Features of the Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack


  • Includes videogame
  • Portal of Power
  • 2 Skylander SuperChargers characters
  • 1 vehicle
  • Collection poster included
  • Available for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS and iPad


Is the Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack Worth Buying?


With the Skylanders SuperChargers, Activision seems to have identified some of the main issues that it experienced with its last outing and gone out of their way to rectify it. There is almost no need to have played any Skylanders games previous to this outing – gameplay can be picked up quickly and the story is close enough to being standalone as to not make any difference to the gaming experience. SuperChargers is also easier to complete than Trap Team, requiring far fewer vehicles in order to progress the game.


The gameplay hasn’t changed much and remains consistent across the platforms. At its core, SuperChargers is still a platforming game, but there are some subtle changes in the handling of vehicles. Driving the vehicles is still fun, but there is a great sense of race urgency in this incarnation, which is entirely welcome. Long standing fans of the series will also be happy to see some of the older characters have been given a proper makeover for this outing, and while they remain true to their roots, the changes bring a freshness to the overall experience.


Activision has found a nice balance here. They have made subtle changes that will appease long standing fans of the series while making the game open enough to newcomers. The main game storyline is also easier to complete than previous Skylanders outings, but that is balanced by not having restrictive requirements on types of vehicles needed just to progress the storyline. Overall, Skylanders SuperChargers will be an enjoyable and rewarding game.


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