Interactive Minion Figures Review

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Interactive Minion Figures Review



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If there is one thing that you can take from 2015, it’s that Minions are here to stay! With the remarkable success of the Minions film, adults and kids alike just can’t get enough of these dastardly yellow creatures. For that reason, these interactive Minion figures are the perfect gift for anyone! While children will love playing and interacting with the giggling weirdos, these interactive Minion figures make the ideal novelty gift for any adults that could do with a laugh! Whether it’s Bob, Stuart or Kevin, each Minion has their own personality, their own traits and their own sayings and phrases!


Features of the Interactive Minion Figures


  • Soft rubber skin
  • Stands upright
  • Adjustable hands
  • Each Minion has a distinct special function
  • Ages 4+
  • 2 AA batteries (demo included)


Are the Interactive Minion Figures Worth Buying?


There are a wide range of interactive Minion figures on the market, but these most recent rubber designs look to be some of the best ones yet. Each Minion has a hard plastic bottom, with moveable feet and arms. Their upper body and head is made of a soft, rubber substance that is made to be played with! The figures are well made and feel robust when being manipulated. The only concern here would be that rubber toys that are made to be handled can get grubby, so the Minion may need to be cleaned more often than the plush Minion toys.


When choosing your Minion, you have the choice of Kevin and his Banana, Stuart with his guitar or Bob with his teddy bear. Aside from their specific response to their unique item, each Minion talks, jabbers or sings when you press his stomach or move his head. The heads are exquisitely designed, and the blinking eyes and moving eye balls give each figure tremendous character. And as for their special response to their items? Bob gets cuddly when he has his teddy bear, Stuart sings a song when he has his guitar, and after Kevin eats his banana, he unashamedly passes gas. There is no nice way of describing that!


All in all, anyone with a passing knowledge of the Minions won’t be able to avoid getting engaged with these interactive figures. They are guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face, while adults are just as likely to get tremendous enjoyment and value out of the figures. For Minion lovers everywhere, these are an absolute treat.


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