Use Decorative Jars to Organize and Beautify Your Home

Posted on January 06, 2016 by Kim Bagley | 0 comments

Think of the spaces around your home.  Are your kitchen, office and bathroom cluttered with items you use every day?   Does your pantry have bags of sugar, flour, or other dry goods that would be better stored in air tight containers?  Do you have a ledge or a mantle that needs some decoration? 

If so jars are a wonderful accent to have around your home.  The great thing about jars is that they serve both form and function.  They come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and designs, so you show off your personal style while having the practical aspect of also being a great place to store items.

Probably the most obvious place to store jars is in the kitchen.  They can be used to store your flour, sugars, coffee, pasta, and cereal.  Almost any pantry item that is best preserved in an airtight container can be put in a jar.  But they are also great for the other things that clutter your kitchen counters like loose change, keys, and even your dishwasher tablets.  For pantry items, clear, large jars make a great option.  They allow you to easily see your pantry goods and even how much you have left. 

For pesky countertop clutter an opaque, decorative jar is a better choice.  It can hide the clutter and add beauty to your kitchen at the same time.

Bathrooms are another place where little daily items can quickly take over.  There are brushes, toothbrushes, hair ties, q-tips, and more.  You may be thinking, “Whoa, that is a lot of jars!”  It is, but you really don’t have to buy a jar for every little thing.  You can repurpose jars you already have, like jelly, pickle, and mason jars. 



Office supplies also can find home in several repurposed jars.  You can have jars for pencils, paper clips, and most importantly your candy stash.  This Muddy Waters Chalk Board Jar would be a great place for hiding away your candy.  You can write "Mine", "Afternoon pick-me-up", or some other funny thing on the chalkboard jar.  Chalkboard Jars are a great way to label your jars, but also add your own personal flare to the things you store.



Ledges and mantles are also a great place for decorative jars.  You can use them to showcase a collection.  Beach lovers can place all their beach treasures on display.  Your childhood marble collection you just can’t part with...put them on display in a jar.  

Are you saving for something special?  Put a savings jar right in your everyday view, so you are reminded to keep saving toward your goal.  The possibilities are limitless and you are sure to find ideas that meet your personal style.

Taming clutter, while keeping my spaces stylish is always a challenge for me.  This has definitely given me some inspiration in finding ways to do that.  I hope you use decorative storage jars to organize and beautify all those spaces around your home.


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